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#635 #817 Upgrade to Eclipse 2024-03

Ferdie Reijnen requested to merge 635-upgrade-to-eclipse-2023-06-or-higher into develop
  • Various changes are present. The most notable ones are:
    • Eclipse/Orbit/Maven version updates.
    • Various dependency changes, and more direct-from-Maven dependencies.
    • Updates to upgrade instructions.
    • Various compatibility, source and configuration changes to keep current.
    • Use -Declipse.e4.inject.javax.warning=false in product launch configurations.
    • CIF simulator has a fix to prevent resource leaks for external user-defined Java functions.
    • Oomph setup has correct settings for XML tooling.

Closes #635 (closed) Addresses #817 (closed)

Edited by Dennis Hendriks

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