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#272 JavaScript code generation: added UI/CSS

Added UI/CSS & tests:

  • Added tests html. Tests html has calls to test all functions in the utils classes, which can be expanded later to verify output against hardcoded values (which should then be the same as the Java/C export).
  • Added minimal css, emulates the ESCET theme.
  • UI: Has space reserved for SVG (top half of screen), and has a resizable/collapsible log pane which allows command input.
  • Have not used any external (css/js) resources, since those would not work offline.
  • For the first version of the export, have chosen to export separate files, rather than put everyting into a single html file (this will be the second export option, which we can add later).

Discussion, see: riklubking/escet#27

Addresses #272 (closed)

Fixed after feedback riklubking/escet#27:

  • Fixed inconsistent indentation.
  • Fixed inconsistent capitalization of colors.
  • Removed empty lines and incorrect whitespaces.
  • Removed fixed widths, use percentages.
  • Remove css units when value 0.
  • Use > instead of > literal.
  • Removed unnecessary tag.
  • Refactored show/hide log pane css/js.
  • Removed tests template.
Edited by Dennis Hendriks

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