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Iss #638 - Update WG application format for multiple contacts

  • Iss #638 - Update how WG applications are fetched to better secure data

This change set adds changes to the SQL to use the organization ID + user name of the logged in user to properly obfuscate data fetched via the endpoints.

  • Iss #638 - Update WG application format for multiple contacts

To accomodate changes in requirements, updates to the working group application form data structures were made. These updates move the working group qualifiers to the contacts so that one form can on-board multiple WG participation requests.

Additionally, checks were put into place to ensure that a user who requests exact forms should either be in the same organization or be the author themselves for access.

  • Remove unneeded CSRF calls in the application resource layer

In previous discussions, it was raised we don't typically use CSRF in get requests. To match this, the requirement was removed from the application resource layer.

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