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#279 Added 2 more templates for wg members display

Zhou Fang requested to merge zhoufang/solstice-assets:zhoufang/master/279 into master

Signed-off-by: Zhou Fang

Member list - logos only template preview (SDV prod):

Member list - logo and title ordered by levels template preview (OSGI prod):

We haven't decided how we would implement OSGI members page, this is just to show how the default template looks like.

Member list - logos only with specific level(s) template preview (Jakarta EE home page prod): (home page member, only strategic)

Member list - logos only ordered by levels template preview (Jakarta EE members page prod):

Member list - set member website to be linked to logo and will fall back to eclipse member profile page if it is invalid (such as, Huawei, Karakun, and Red Hat):

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