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......@@ -622,6 +622,24 @@ Version 1.1 has the following new features:
= Version history
== Version CRL 113 200/6 R5A
Release date: 7th of December 2018
*New features:*
* License upgrade to EPL 2.0
* Documentation migrated to asciidoc
* Bugfixes for core, ASN.1, XML, RAW, OER codecs, XSD2TTCN
* New RAW coding instruction 'FORCEOMIT'
* New JSON attribute 'as map'
* Attribute 'text ... as ...' for JSON
* Adopt Makefilegen for the Debian packaging
* Support for real-time testing in TITAN
* New flag for xsd2ttcn
== Version CRL 113 200/6 R4A
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