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Author: Elemér Lelik
Version: 109 47-CRL 113 200/6 Uen, Rev. D
Date: 2018-05-24
Version: 109 47-CRL 113 200/6 Uen, Rev. E
Date: 2018-11-04
= Release Notes for TITAN TTCN-3 Test Executor
......@@ -27,6 +27,34 @@ The document is organized as follows: <<what-s-new-in-this-version,What's new in
= What’s new in this version?
== Version 6.5 (CRL 113 200/6 R5A)
This release introduces real-time support according to
TTCN-3 Language Extensions:
TTCN-3 Performance and Real Time Testing
as a major new feature.
This version has the following new features:
* License upgrade to EPL 2.0
* Documentation migrated to asciidoc
* Bugfixes for core, ASN.1, XML, RAW, OER codecs, XSD2TTCN
* New RAW coding instruction 'FORCEOMIT'
* New JSON attribute 'as map'
* Attribute 'text ... as ...' for JSON
* Adopt Makefilegen for the Debian packaging
* Support for real-time testing in TITAN
Added compiler option '-I', which enables the real-time testing features mentioned here.
The features are disabled by default, and the new keywords ('now', 'realtime' and 'timestamp')
can be used as identifiers again (for backward compatibility).
Also added makefilegen option '-i', which activates this option for the compiler,
and the makefile setting 'enableRealtimeTesting' in the TPD, which does the same thing.
* New flag for xsd2ttcn
-o: generate all definitions into one module (called XSD_Definitions)
== Version 6.4 (CRL 113 200/6 R4A)
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