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Draft: [Do not merge!] - bosch-transfer/22-09-12 - Bring back ATS and Osc2 Frontend


The purpose of this PR is to share code and allow insight and not to distribute an out of box working solution (yet!).

Our internal solution works currently slightly differently and has connections to code we can not release. There is ongoing work to make it work in an agnostic way. Once this is completely written again in a simulator agnostic way, the more generic version will follow. Therefore we do not put too much effort to make it work here (for now).

Take in mind:

  • The Agnostic Type System (ATS) and the osc2 frontend does not compile yet since we did not check the cmake!
  • One must take care by themself to fix the cmake and the dependency handling (especially ANTLR4).
  • The new packages (Agnostic Type System (ATS) and the osc2 frontend) are not fully in the newest stage, especially with the new Osc2 release.
  • The unit tests (with the mockup simulator) of the osc2 frontend are written in an deprecated way - please do not relay on them too much. This is ongoing work to write them to be used as demo implementation

Is based on this PR with ABT version 1.0.0:

Issues to track progress:

Edited by Max Bauer

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