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Merge v1.0

Tuan Duong Quang requested to merge develop into main
  • Updated Documentation: The documentation has been revised and updated for clarity and accuracy.
  • Implementation of openScenarioEngine and MantleAPI Dependencies: openScenarioEngine and MantleAPI dependencies have been implemented to enhance functionality.
  • CI Enhancements: Several fixes have been applied to enhance Continuous Integration (CI) processes.
  • Removal of Qt GUI: Dependencies, build instructions, tutorials, user documentation related to the Qt GUI, and the openPASS Jenkins CI have been removed.
  • Third-Party Dependency Handling via Conan: Improved management of third-party dependencies using Conan package manager.
  • CMake Option for Configuration Examples: Added a CMake option to install configuration examples for easier setup.
  • Adaptation to Semantic Versioning: openPASS is now aligned with semantic versioning principles.
  • Removal of Unused Components: Unnecessary components have been removed to streamline the software.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bug fixes have been implemented to enhance stability and performance.
  • Introduction of SSP (System Structure & Parameterization): The introduction of Semantic Scene Parser (SSP) for improved scene parsing capabilities.

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