Commit 6ed3987a authored by Simon Reis's avatar Simon Reis
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deploy for oracle

parent b388435e
......@@ -401,26 +401,6 @@ spring:
database-platform: org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect
show-sql: false
# Importkanal
importExchange: sitImportExchange_branch
importQueue: sitImportQueue_branch
importkey: sitImportExchange.failureImportKey
# Exportkanäle
exportExchange: sitExportExchange_branch
- name: Mail
exportQueue: sit_mail_export_queue_branch
exportKey: sit_mail_export_key
isMailType: true
- name: Stö
exportQueue: sit_stoerungsauskunft_export_queue_branch
exportKey: sit_stoerungsauskunft_export_key
- name: Störinfotool-eigene-Web-Komponenten
exportQueue: sit_own_export_queue
exportKey: sit_own_export_key
minPoolSize: 2
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