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#417 Support dark theme in ESCET (console/legend/plotviz/checkstyle)

Dennis Hendriks requested to merge 417-support-dark-theme-in-escet into develop

The first 4 dark theme changes for #417 (closed):

  • Add application framework console dark theme support:

    • Different colors for light and dark theme.
    • Keeps same colors for light theme as used before.
    • Adapts to theme changes, even after application termination.
  • Application status legend dialog improvements for dark theme:

    • 'Composite' with grid layout rather than a 'Tree'.
    • No more custom background color configuration.
  • Added CIF simulator plot visualizer dark theme support:

    • Plot visualizer automatically applies light or dark theme.
    • Plot visualizer automatic theme switch upon Eclipse theme change.
    • Plot visualizer even changes theme after simulator has ended.
    • Light theme now implemented as a separate class.
      • Still based on the XChart's 'MatlabTheme'.
    • Added dark theme, extending light theme.
  • ESCET development environment Checkstyle warning style change:

    • Current yellow background does not play well with dark theme.
      • On dark theme, blue/green text on yellow background is hard to read.
      • Does not affect ESCET product, nor affects end users.
    • Changed style to vertical bar rather than whole line becoming yellow.
      • New style is less obtrusive, and works well on light and dark theme.
      • Kept color the same.

I recommend reviewing per commit.

Addresses #417 (closed)

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