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#245 ElimLocRefExprs and linearization naming improvements

Dennis Hendriks requested to merge 245-simplify-location-pointer-names into develop


  • Introduced generalized naming functions for ElimLocRefExpr.
  • Improved renaming warnings messages.
  • Small code improvement to reuse 'oldName' variables.
  • absVarNamesMap becomes lpVarToAbsAutNameMap:
    • Conceptual improvement:
    • It was some kind of weird name with some parts left out.
    • It was difficult to understand. New mapping has clear semantics.
  • Backward compatible:
    • Was only used by linearization transformation.
    • The way it was used by linearization matches the new semantics.
    • No changes needed to tests as is backward compatible.
  • New defaults for naming location pointers + enums.
    • Affects the CIF to CIF transformation itself.
    • Affects CIF to Supremica, which uses the default as well.
  • JavaDoc improvement.


  • Improved/simpler name for location pointer enums.
  • Prevent LP var temp name renames using name highly unlikely to clash.


  • Removed empty lines at end of JavaDoc comments.

Closes #245 (closed)

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