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update links in ecosystem section

- link to where the file will be
- pull URLs up into attributes
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......@@ -182,8 +182,8 @@
<div class="category ecosystem">
<li><a href="#">Processors</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Ecosystem</a></li>
<li><a href="">Processors</a></li>
<li><a href="">Ecosystem</a></li>
......@@ -4,15 +4,18 @@ layout: main
= AsciiDoc
:includedir@: ./examples
:tagline: Publish presentation-rich content written using a concise and comprehensive authoring format.
:description: AsciiDoc is a human-readable, text editor-friendly document format evolved from plain text markup conventions, yet semantically analogous to XML schemas like DocBook and DITA.
:description: AsciiDoc is a human-readable, text editor-friendly document format evolved from plain text markup conventions and semantically analogous to XML schemas like DocBook.
AsciiDoc is used to write notes, articles, documentation, books, web pages, slides, man pages, etc.
AsciiDoc is a plain text markup language for writing technical content.
It's packed with semantic elements and equipped with features to modularize and reuse content.
AsciiDoc content can be composed using a text editor, managed in a version control system, and published to multiple output formats.
xref:#try[Get started,role=button][Quick Reference^,role=button invert]
{url-asciidoc-docs}/syntax-quick-reference/[Quick Reference^,role=button invert]
......@@ -280,7 +283,7 @@ The AsciiDoc Language specification was established to ensure that AsciiDoc cont
The specification is managed and governed by the AsciiDoc Language project and, at a higher level, by the AsciiDoc Working Group at the Eclipse Foundation.
Development of the specification is currently underway.[Get involved,role=action]
{url-asciidoc-wg}[Get involved,role=action]
== A growing ecosystem: AsciiDoc Tools & Support
......@@ -292,7 +295,7 @@[Get involved,role=action]
Write, preview, and validate AsciiDoc content in your favorite text editor, IDE, or browser.[Explore,role=action]
......@@ -302,7 +305,7 @@[Explore,role=action]
Convert your AsciiDoc documents to HTML, DocBook, PDF, and more using an AsciiDoc processor.[Explore,role=action]
......@@ -312,12 +315,12 @@[Explore,role=action]
Publish your content using static site generators and build tools that understand how to work with AsciiDoc.[Explore,role=action]
--[Explore more Awesome AsciiDoc,role=explore action]
{url-awesome-asciidoc}[Explore more Awesome AsciiDoc,role=explore action]
== Get started with AsciiDoc today[View Documentation]
{url-asciidoc-docs}[View Documentation]
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