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add entry for along with warning to Awesome AsciiDoc for those still looking for it

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......@@ -37,6 +37,11 @@ Parse and convert AsciiDoc using these language implementations.
*[libasciidoc] - A Golang library for processing AsciiDoc.
*[asciidoc-hs] - A Haskell-based AsciiDoc parser that's designed to be used as a pandoc frontend.
AsciiDoc was originally developed as part of the[ project]. is now a legacy processor for an older rendition of the AsciiDoc syntax.
As such, it will not properly handle the language that is being described by AsciiDoc specification.
Unless you still rely on the toolchain, you should choose a processor that handles the current AsciiDoc syntax.
=== Publish
Publish content from AsciiDoc using these build tools and static site generators.
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