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update xrefs to reflect module name change in asciidoctor component

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......@@ -54,9 +54,9 @@ You can also declare this attribute using the CLI or API.
To use Rouge, CodeRay, or Pygments, you must have the appropriate library installed on your system.
See xref:asciidoctor:source-highlighters:rouge.adoc[], xref:asciidoctor:source-highlighters:coderay.adoc[], or xref:asciidoctor:source-highlighters:pygments.adoc[] for installation instructions.
See xref:asciidoctor:syntax-highlighting:rouge.adoc[], xref:asciidoctor:syntax-highlighting:coderay.adoc[], or xref:asciidoctor:syntax-highlighting:pygments.adoc[] for installation instructions.
If you're using the client-side library xref:asciidoctor:source-highlighters:highlightjs.adoc[], there's no need to install additional libraries.
If you're using the client-side library xref:asciidoctor:syntax-highlighting:highlightjs.adoc[], there's no need to install additional libraries.
The generated HTML will load the required source files from a CDN, custom URL, or file path.
.Source Highlighter vs. Syntax Highlighter
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