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    ci: enable LAVA boot and smoke tests on qemu devices for new MRs · b0793e7d
    Chase Qi authored
    Given test scope for new MRs is not defined yet and we only have one
    rpi4, b68 and c61 in the warsaw lab which are occupied mostly by daily
    scheduled pipeline, starting with boot and smoke tests on qemu devices
    should be a good starting point for per MR testing.
    Jobs that extend `.lava-test` will be added to MR's pipeline and
    schedueld pipeline.
    `.lava-test-scheduled` extends `.lava-test` with new scheduled pipeline
    only rule. Long run jobs like ltp should extends the job so that they
    wouldn't prevent MRs from merging.
    Solves #486.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChase Qi <>