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    [TOB-169,290,188,53,350,351,26,23,358] feat: v0.8.0 · c14146b0
    Christopher Keim authored
    [TOB-169] feat: Add error messages and extended error handling
     * Add utility rxjs operators for error handling
     * Add toast component and effect for displaying toast
     * Add actions and reducers for statement errors
     * Show error messages in details page
     * Show error messages in edit page
     * Show default error message for unexpected errors
     * Improve error handling in effects
     * Reorganize translations
    [TOB-290] feat: Add authorization error handling for process tasks
     * Disable side menu buttons if task is claimed by another user
     * Hide side menu buttons if task can not be claimed at all
    [TOB-188] feat: Select geographic position in workflow data form
     * Add leaflet configuration to package.json
     * Add styles for leaflet
     * Add rxjs operator for entering/leaving ngZone
     * Add wrapper directives for leaflet
     * Add select component for map coordinates
     * Submit geographic position in workflow form effect
    [TOB-53] feat: Add email functionality
    * A...