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    resolves #13 migrate AsciiDoc syntax quick reference (PR #14) · 1d443f45
    Sarah White authored and Dan Allen's avatar Dan Allen committed
    * migrate AsciiDoc syntax quick reference
    * revise commentary and improve examples
    * use ~ to denote autowidth column
    * add collapsible attribute to enable the extension to backport the collapsible block
    * rewrite intro
    * change URI to URL
    * add note that empty block attribute list can be used to separate lists
    * clarify that unordered list marker can be changed using style
    * remove note about font-based and interactive checklists
    * remove note about sectlinks and sectanchors
    * include the term "literal monospace"
    * add example of possessive monospace
    * rename and reorder sections
    * add custom inline role example
    Co-authored-by: default avatarDan Allen <>