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Update CSS, make a rough same theme

Created by: flora8984461

Merge-in #21 and make sure that we can run the full-stack

Part of

More issue:

  • I need to separate the states for new forms and existing forms

Please check the console log when each step finished (clicking on the next), there is error POST request with Fake endpoint each step.

More detailed CSS needs adjustments.

  • Company Information
  • Membership Level
  • Working Group
  • Signing Auth
  • Review
  • the Steppers
  • Checkbox for Company Information - Same as Company Rep.
  • What to do after selected Same as Company Rep.?
  • Working Group - Add Another Working group
  • Orange span *
  • More: more styles for the date picker.
  • Login Page
  • Add LESS file and wrap the whole membership form styles into a parental style, as Martin suggested
  • More: Validation on each step
  • After Submission Page


  • Next step for myself to consider: think about making each page a sub-form so that I set initial values by POST and FETCH data easily?
  • Get rid of Router, open the app shows the first step, click on login, fetch user Id, and display all the forms he has, with the choice to start a new form.

Questions coming: I resolved it 1) Hide/disable when check "Same as Company Rep"? - to consider, before user inputs company rep, the user checks the box first. If using disable but showing the input box, do I need to sync when they type in company Rep if the user ticks the checkbox first? Or just leave it empty?

  1. How to style for the "delete this working group" If more working groups added. (We need "delete" for each of the working groups entry to identify which to delete)

  2. Defining what fields are required, what fields have more restrictions when validating the input.

  3. Need the small orange icons for steppers as in the design

  4. Country / Province selections

Don't mind about /login, probably broken now

Look at this link:

Signed-off-by: Yi Liu

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