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initial demo

Created by: flora8984461

New todo - Updated on 2020/12/04:

  • Be able to add / delete fields of representatives
  • Make participation level to be dependent on working groups
  • Better validation
  • My own todo: need to restructure the code to make it cleaner and better maintain

  1. Be able to add / delete fields of respresentative
  2. Company dropdown to prefill the company info
  3. What is your intended Membership Level? Add MEMBERSHIP FEES table
  4. Add correct membership levels and working groups
  5. participation level can be the same step as working groups, it depends on working groups + Effective Date + Working Group Representative
  6. ...

Current version: According to ,


Links should be:
Go to login firstly, choose your membership status, and the form will handle the status

Signed-off-by: Yi Liu

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