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Improve the sidebar menu #350

Created by: flora8984461

Fix #350 (closed)

Updated Jan 19, 2021:

Testing pages:

And I also did some adjustments in the original sidebar.html, I removed the "row" margin in sub-sub-menu items which causes extra right spaces on mobile.

And I modified a little logic since I don't know why in config.toml we need to create duplicate sidebars.

And I removed an index.js on membership page which does not exist and caused console log error.

Old blabla: What I have done so far:

TODO: I probably go for collapsible, but it brings me to think of a question, For IOT site, it's kinda special since it has a sub parent menu(resources) who also have a link to go to. If using collapsible, we could not go to the link of resources in collapsible, but since it stays on the main menu, it's okay for this.

As long as we do not have cases that parent menu also has a link to go, I think collapsible works well. The other way is to keep expanded of sub-children. Just hide or show them as a whole.

But if using dropdown, I do not need to use "", just a normal option, so that resources can be clicked and redirect to. It's just a matter of styling.

What do you think?

BTW, I also wanna add a para to control whether to show mobile-sidebar.

Signed-off-by: Yi Liu

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