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initial trial with search and list and readmore

Created by: flora8984461

Rough todo issue:

  • 1) build up the layout skeleton and list out the events
  • 2) search bar on the top left
  • 4) filters on the left under search bar (by working groups and types)
  • 5) read more on each event


  • Event cards with imgs
  • Nice button
  • Nice search icon
  • Expandable of filters

--------------------New TODO 2020-09-14-----------------------------

  • (Enhancement) Past events and lazy loading
  • (Enhancement) Add apis to dynamic retrieve a list of working groups and event types (For now I am just hard coding them to make the demo)
  • Other issues: prop-types, typo, classes, alerts...

--------------------New TODO 2020-09-16-----------------------------

  • Address
  • Search style
  • Checkboxes Style
  • Event Card style (background images with event types)
  • (Enhancement) Accordion / expandable panels (probably also for card read more) slide down effect

-----------------------New UPDATES 2020-09-17---------------------

  • Need to Fix IE words not wrapping
  • Icons and show time for events
  • Add a small dash on top of event title
  • Organize the Less file
  • Add "Submit your Event" button
  • (Enhancement) Use match height or try flex when event details is show instead of map twice

-----------------------New UPDATES 2020-09-18---------------------

  • Change content order for mobile: On a phone, see the event cards before the filter.

  • Dynamically hide filters don't have events. If has events later, dynamically show the filters.

  • Remove the "Find an event" title.

  • Adjust the LESS file as Eric comments.

  • Add tests!

  • Detect on mobile, - collapse the filter by default or - use anchor to go down to the filter

-----------------------New UPDATES 2020-09-22---------------------

  • For other event types, missing bg images, need from design team

Signed-off-by: Yi Liu

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