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Create eclipsefdn_meeting_minutes and reintroduce original meeting_minutes

Chris and I discussed that we should keep the original meeting minutes shortcode for backwards compatibility but with a deprecation warning.

This will allow us to update the appearance of the meeting minutes without breaking any pages.

The new eclipsefdn_meeting_minutes also ships with better default styles for the navigation tabs. In the scenario of a WG site wanting to use its own already existent navigation tabs styles, they can insert the .solstice-tabs class (or any other class) into a shortcode parameter.

A param in config.toml allows you to suppress deprecation warnings coming from EFHST's shortcodes. I won't document this because I believe it isn't something that people should be using for the WG sites. I simply added it here for developing in EFHST because we get flooded with deprecation warnings since we are listing every deprecated shortcode on our docs. I would rather not drown out the real warnings.

This param does not disable warnings as a whole, just EFHST shortcode deprecation warnings set by us.

Edited by Olivier Goulet

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