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Added k8s cronjob and Jenkinsfile

Christopher Guindon requested to merge cicd into master

Created by: mbarbero

This enables CI/CD for this repo (see issue #14 (closed)).

The k8s cronjob is scheduled to run every 20min. We can customize this in k8s/cronjob.yml with the schedule: "*/20 * * * *"

It also does not allow concurrent run: if it is time for a new job run and the previous job run hasn’t finished yet, the cron job skips the new job run

It currently runs with options --verbose=true --dryrun=true (again see k8s/cronjob.yml).

Logs are stored on nfsmaster:/opt/export/eclipsefdn-github-sync/logs and we need to find a way to make them available to webdev team. Note that stdout is tee'd to /app/logs/stdout-$(date +%Y%m%d).log

The api-token is currently a randomly generated one (hence fake). Feel free to send me any other token that you would like to use.

The Jenkinsfile build and push images for all branches/PR (the image tag is -. The kubernetes cronjob image is updated only when the build is from the master branch.

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