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migrate db classes to mysqli

Christopher Guindon requested to merge cguindon/main/migrate-to-mysqli into master

Signed-off-by: Christopher Guindon

For this to work, we need to ensure that all our PHP repos have switched over to mysqli_.

  • community (no trace of mysql_)
  • downloads
  • errors (no trace of mysql_)
  • go (no trace of mysql_)
  • legal (no trace of mysql_)
  • membership
    • Found some traces of mysql_ functions in the repo but I am deleting them since I don't believe we need them anymore.
  • org
  • projects
  • proposals (no trace of mysql_)
  • sponsors (no trace of mysql_)
  • mediawiki (Might not be needed since the site is deprecated)
  • forums
  • (Matt gave me a list of projects with mysql_ functions in their codebase)
    • modeling/gmp
    • modeling
    • webtools
    • eclipse/platform-ui
    • cdo/_deprecated
    • tm/development
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