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Add Cumulocity as Leshan adopter.

Created by: sbernard31

I would like to add Cumulocity as Leshan adopters. (See

Cumulocity is done by Ag Software, discussing with us by email they prefer to put forward the "Cumulocity by AG Software" branding, I hope it's OK.

I was not able to test this PR locally , so please double check it 🙏

The reason : when I changed config\adopters.json file this doesn't changed the UI available at http://localhost:1313/adopters/#iot.leshan when I launch hugo server. I'm not sure If I found something wrong 🐛 or if It's just an issue with npm/node/hugo on my side which I'm not able to explain 🤔 (I tried to clear my browser cache just in case without any effect)

Bonus question, I was understanding that package-lock.json file is intended to be committed and it seems in this project this is not the case, is there any reason ?

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