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Draft: Add information about organization logos

Christopher Guindon requested to merge main-patch-93a8 into main


Add additional information in the of this project about organization logos.

This MR hopes to solve some concerns that were reported by @carmendelgado via this issue:


  1. Added a section on logo licenses to cover logos from organizations that are typically copyrighted by them.
  2. Added a new section in the adopter's issue template asking the user to confirm they have permission to contribute the org logo. I am also asking them to provide information about their current relationship with that organization.
  3. Created a new MR template to ensure that we ask the same question if the user decides to provide the logos via an MR instead of an issue.


We actually don't have a proper way to validate that a user is actually an employee. Could we reduce some of the risks by requiring that every user that provides a logo to this project must have an ECA on file with us before we include it?

//cc @croundy @shmacdonald

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