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feat: Migrate main user_delete_request endpoint from Drupal

Related to: #35 (closed)

Related to: #55 (closed)

Here is a brief overview of the changes within this rather large MR:

  • Adds AccountRequests DDL and DTO
  • Updates the openAPI spec
  • Adds missing class-level comments
  • Adds additional logging
  • Adds support for api-common 0.7.4-SNAPSHOT
  • Adds authentication to all user_delete_request endpoints
  • Restructures the Resource classes to better separate concerns, grouped by URL
  • Major refactor of services:
    • Repurpose MetaDataService from a wrapper for RestClients, to a service that handles all user metadata.
    • Remove all metadata related processing from the ProfileService and restrict it to processing only base profile data
  • Adds MetadataHelper and UserDeleteHelper helper classes
  • Adds authentication testing for existing user delete endpoints
  • Adds POST user delete request endpoint + testing
Edited by Zachary Sabourin

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