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Merge 1.0 release candidate code into trunk

Martin Lowe requested to merge 1.0-release-candidate into main
  • Iss #104 (closed) - Add standard cache, precache, and SQL metrics summaries

Using the micrometer extension, metrics have been added for SQL and caching calls, which capture uncached/raw performance of lookups.

The SQL timer summaries were handled manually rather than through the annotations, as the augmentation doesn't apply properly when the beans are synthetically added during deployment.

Resolves #104 (closed)

  • Increment to RC1 of the 1.0.0 release for testing

Using non-snapshot for more stable testing of branches.

  • Update to Quarkus 3.8.x version for next LTS

  • Add Quarkus micrometer profiling to 1.0.0 RC

  • Iss #54 (closed) - Remove working_groups field from projects model

Resolves #54 (closed)

  • Switch to 1.0 release snapshot

  • Fix caching pacakge for copyright

  • Fix copyright headers in the HTTP package + remove debug logging

  • Rename request submodule to be http for better naming

  • Update packages to split utils, caching, rest functions to own packages

To help manage code, a split was established to extract different parts of the core package to their own package. This will help in the long term to keep the code more maintainable.

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