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Help Desk

Help Desk

Welcome to the Eclipse Foundation's Help Desk. Use the project's issues link on the left to report issues with the usage and operation of services provided by the Eclipse Foundation including but not limited to:

  • Infrastructure (CBI, Websites, Git/GitLab, etc),
  • IP (projects, ECA, committers, process),
  • Legal


Bugs related to the Eclipse IDE or any Eclipse IDE Plugin should be reported at the project's dedicated issue tracker. Find your project here, then see the Developers tab.


Status of hosted services and maintenance announcements can be seen on a dedicated status page You can stay updated of incidents and maintenance by following our twitter account @Eclipse_Status.


Here is a list of common issues and possible solutions. Feel free to file an issue, if your issue has not been answered.


A new committer has been added to an Eclipse project, but does not have access to a project's GitHub repo. Why?

Adding committers/project leads to GitHub teams is handled automatically by a sync script that runs every two hours and relies on information from PMI ( We cannot add committers manually. Please check:
  • The committer needs to add their GitHub ID to their account. (Please note, that it might take up to 2 hours for our sync script to pick up changes.)
  • An invitation to join the relevant GitHub organization might have been sent out via email already. Please also check your spam folder. Alternatively, while being logged into your GitHub account, go to the relevant GitHub organization (e.g. and a banner at the top should show a link to accept the invitation.


I want to change my email address in Gerrit, but it does not work.

Changing your email address directly in Gerrit ( is not supported. Unfortunately, we can't disable the relevant options in Gerrit.

If you want to change your email address, you will need to do it in your account. The change will then be picked up by Gerrit as well.

Bugzilla + Gerrit Deprecation Plan

Please see: Gerrit and Bugzilla deprecation and migration plan

Chat Service

Request for room/space?

Room and space can't be created by users, However, you can request their creation via the helpdesk by using the chat-service template.

For more information, see the global Faq

Copyright and license

Copyright 2023 the Eclipse Foundation, Inc. and others. Code released under the Eclipse Public License Version 2.0 (EPL-2.0).

Avatar icon customer service CC-BY Ricardo Mira da Silva from the Noun Project.