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Add a stub for a provenance-based PostgreSQL scan storage to the configuration

Sebastian Schuberth requested to merge configure-postgres into next_gen

Configure both a provenance-based scan storage and a storage for provenance information in a PostgreSQL database. Remaining required configuration as per 1 needs to be injected e.g. via environment variables 2 like

export ort__scanner__storages__postgresStorage__connection__username=user export ort__scanner__storages__postgresStorage__connection__password=pass

export ort__scanner__provenanceStorage__postgresStorage__connection__username=user export ort__scanner__provenanceStorage__postgresStorage__connection__password=pass

The postgresStorage is set as the primary reader and writer. To benefit from any existing results, the fileBasedStorage is still added as a secondary reader, but new results are not being written to it anymore.

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