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Draft: 🌱 Implementation of multiple environments with full integration of dependencies and CI/CD.

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What this PR does / why we need it:

Adding postgres databases to the deployment workflow, integrating the database configuration with the cam configuration through shared templating. Support of multiple environments and splitting the lifecycle of operator, database and microservice. This is achieved through the implementation of helmfile. Adjustment of the gitlab based CI so that container images are created for the respective environments. Adjusting the CI regarding the deployment, so that it is possible to work with the provided GitOps system (ArgoCD).


  • Adding postgres database
  • Shared templating for database and cam
  • Support of multiple environments
  • Splitting lifecycle of operator, database and microservice
  • Gitlab CI adjustments for container images
  • Refactor Gitlab CI Environments secrets in GitOps compatible way
  • Adding ArgoCD ApplicationSet
  • Testing multiple environments and deployments
  • squashed commits
  • includes documentation
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