Commit 7715b703 authored by Botond Baranyi's avatar Botond Baranyi
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Fixed compiler crash when logging 'omit' (bug 545802)

Change-Id: I6211f01c5074e7056de634d1cc788127b040ecdf
Signed-off-by: Botond Baranyi's avatarBotond Baranyi <>
parent 2e0b78ea
......@@ -11422,10 +11422,6 @@ void Value::chk_expr_operand_execute_refd(Value *v1,
switch (la->get_type()) {
case Ttcn::LogArgument::L_UNDEF:
case Ttcn::LogArgument::L_ERROR:
FATAL_ERROR("%s argument type",
u.expr.v_optype == OPTYPE_ANY2UNISTR ? "any2unistr" : "log2str");
break; // not reached
case Ttcn::LogArgument::L_MACRO:
case Ttcn::LogArgument::L_STR:
break; // self reference not possible
......@@ -8651,4 +8651,28 @@ is not a reference to a type
:h3.Adhoc:: Bug 545802: log(omit)
:xmp tab=0.
<TC - Bug 545802: log(omit)
<MODULE TTCN Temp Temp.ttcn>
module Temp {
control {
var charstring x := log2str(omit);
Cannot determine the type of the argument
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