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Update Apiguide.adoc

Corrected typo in link 6
parent deca7e02
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ ifdef::env-github,backend-html5[]
* link:3-external_classes.adoc[External Classes]
* link:4-logger_plug-ins.adoc[Logger Plug-ins]
* link:5-encoding_and_decoding.adoc[Encoding and Decoding]
* link:6-mapping_ttcn3_data_types_to_c+\+_constructs.adoc[Mapping TTCN–3 Data Types to {cpp} Constructs]
* link:6-mapping_ttcn3_data_types_to_c++_constructs.adoc[Mapping TTCN–3 Data Types to {cpp} Constructs]
* link:7-tips_and_troubleshooting.adoc[Tips & Troubleshooting]
* link:8-references.adoc[References]
* link:9-abbreviations.adoc[Abbreviations]
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