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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Copyright (c) 2017 Ericsson
All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
File: HTTP2_CNL113851.tpd
Description: tpd project file
Rev: R1A
Prodnr: CNL 113 851
<TITAN_Project_File_Information version="1.0">
<FolderResource projectRelativePath="src" relativeURI="src"/>
<FileResource projectRelativePath="src/" relativeURI="src/"/>
<FileResource projectRelativePath="src/HTTP2_Types.ttcn" relativeURI="src/HTTP2_Types.ttcn"/>
<Configuration name="Default">
# titan.ProtocolModules.HTTP2
Main project page:
The source code of the TTCN-3 compiler and executor:
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* Copyright (c) 2017 Ericsson AB
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* Contributors:
* Gabor Szalai - initial implementation and initial documentation
// File: HTTP2_Types.ttcn
// Description: Functions and types for HTTP2
// Rev: R1A
// Prodnr: CNL 113 851
module HTTP2_Types{
external function f_HTTP2_encode_frame(in HTTP2_Frame pl_frame) return octetstring
with {
extension "prototype(convert)"
// return values:
// 1 - decoding failed
// 0 - OK
// The pl_error_descr contains the description of the error
external function f_HTTP2_decode_frame(in octetstring pl_stream,
out HTTP2_Frame pl_frame,
out HTTP2_decoder_error_descr pl_error_descr) return integer
// Message dissector function for IPL4 test port
type record of integer HTTP2_ro_integer
function f_HTTP2_msglen(
in octetstring stream,
inout HTTP2_ro_integer args
) return integer {
var integer pl_len:=lengthof(stream)
return -1;
if(substr(HTTP2_connection_preface,0,pl_len)==stream ){
return -1
} else {
return lengthof(HTTP2_connection_preface)
return oct2int(substr(stream,0,3))+9
const octetstring HTTP2_connection_preface:='505249202a20485454502f322e300d0a0d0a534d0d0a0d0a'O
// Error classes
const integer c_connection_no_error_class := 0
const integer c_connection_error_class := 1
const integer c_stream_error_class := 2
// Error codes
const integer c_error_code_NO_ERROR:= 0
const integer c_error_code_PROTOCOL_ERROR := 1
const integer c_error_code_INTERNAL_ERROR :=2
const integer c_error_code_FLOW_CONTROL_ERROR := 3
const integer c_error_code_SETTINGS_TIMEOUT := 4
const integer c_error_code_STREAM_CLOSED := 5
const integer c_error_code_FRAME_SIZE_ERROR := 6
const integer c_error_code_REFUSED_STREAM := 7
const integer c_error_code_CANCEL := 8
const integer c_error_code_COMPRESSION_ERROR := 9
const integer c_error_code_CONNECT_ERROR := 10
const integer c_error_code_ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM := 11
const integer c_error_code_INADEQUATE_SECURITY := 12
const integer c_error_code_HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED := 13
// Settings parameters
const integer c_SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE := 1
const integer c_SETTINGS_ENABLE_PUSH := 2
const integer c_SETTINGS_MAX_FRAME_SIZE := 5
const integer c_SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE := 6
type record HTTP2_decoder_error_descr{
integer error_class,
integer error_type,
charstring error_text
// HTTP/2 Frame definition
// The length field handled automatically
type union HTTP2_Frame {
HTTP2_Data_frame data_frame,
HTTP2_Header_frame header_frame,
HTTP2_Priority_frame priority_frame,
HTTP2_RST_Stream_frame rst_frame,
HTTP2_Settings_frame settings_frame,
HTTP2_Push_Promise_frame push_promise_frame,
HTTP2_Ping_frame ping_frame,
HTTP2_Goaway_frame goaway_frame,
HTTP2_Window_Update_frame window_update_frame,
HTTP2_Continuation_frame continuation_frame,
HTTP2_Generic_frame generic_frame
// Data Frame definition
// The padding flag are handled automatically
type record HTTP2_Data_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_stream_flag,
octetstring data,
octetstring padding optional
// Header Frame definition
// The padding flag are handled automatically
// The priority flag are handled automatically
type record HTTP2_Header_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_stream_flag,
boolean end_header_flag,
HTTP2_Priority_data priority_data optional,
octetstring header_block_fragment,
octetstring padding optional
type record HTTP2_Priority_data{
boolean exclusive_flag,
integer stream_dependency,
integer weight
type record HTTP2_Priority_frame{
integer stream_id,
HTTP2_Priority_data priority_data
type record HTTP2_RST_Stream_frame {
integer stream_id,
integer error_code
type record HTTP2_Setting_data{
integer setting_id,
integer setting_value
type record of HTTP2_Setting_data HTTP2_Setting_list
// Always use 0 stream
type record HTTP2_Settings_frame{
boolean ack_flag,
HTTP2_Setting_list settings optional
// The padding flag are handled automatically
type record HTTP2_Push_Promise_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_header_flag,
integer promised_stream_id,
octetstring header_block_fragment,
octetstring padding optional
// Always use 0 stream
type record HTTP2_Ping_frame{
boolean ack_flag,
octetstring opaque_data length(8)
// Always use 0 stream
type record HTTP2_Goaway_frame{
integer last_stream_id,
integer error_code,
octetstring debug_data optional
type record HTTP2_Window_Update_frame{
integer stream_id,
integer window_size_increment
type record HTTP2_Continuation_frame{
integer stream_id,
boolean end_header_flag,
octetstring header_block_fragment
// Use it to send/receive non-defined or errornous frame
// Only the length calculated by the encoder
type record HTTP2_Generic_frame{
integer frame_type,
bitstring flags length(8),
integer stream_id,
octetstring payload
// HTTP2 request/response and header definitions
// RFC7540
// Note: the encoder doesn't enforces validity
// of the specified pseudo header field combination
type record HTTP2_pseudo_headers{
charstring method optional,
charstring scheme optional,
charstring authority optional,
charstring path optional,
integer status optional
type record HTTP2_header_field{
charstring header_name,
charstring header_value optional
type record of HTTP2_header_field HTTP2_header_list
// This type should be used for request/response headers
type record HTTP2_header_block {
HTTP2_pseudo_headers pseudo_headers optional,
HTTP2_header_list headers optional
// Header compression releated type definitions
// For each connection (not streams) a separate
// compression context should be used.
// Never touch the fields of the HTTP2_comp_context
// Don't even think about it !!!!!
// 1. Create the context with function:
// HTTP2_comp_context_init
// 2. Every header block should be encoded/decoded with the functions:
// HTTP2_comp_context_encode
// HTTP2_comp_context_decode
// in the exactly the same order as the header blocks are sent or received
// in order to maintain the header compression context
// 3. Delete the context with
// HTTP2_comp_context_free
// Please note: non freed context leads to memory leak!!!!
// Creates a new header compression context
external function HTTP2_comp_context_init(in integer h_table_size_local:=4096, // The initial size of the header table
in integer h_table_size_remote:=4096
) return HTTP2_comp_context
// Retur value:
// 0 - OK
// otherwise - error code
external function HTTP2_comp_context_encode(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
in HTTP2_header_block pl_hblock,
out octetstring pl_frame_data) return integer
// Retur value:
// 0 - OK
// otherwise - error code
external function HTTP2_comp_context_decode(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
out HTTP2_header_block pl_hblock,
in octetstring pl_frame_data) return integer
// Free and release the header compression context
external function HTTP2_comp_context_free(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context)
// Set header table size
external function HTTP2_comp_context_set_table_size_remote(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
in integer h_table_size)
external function HTTP2_comp_context_set_table_size_local(inout HTTP2_comp_context pl_context,
in integer h_table_size)
type record HTTP2_comp_context{
integer internal_id1
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