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Create a flow chart for prereq dependencies.

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......@@ -85,6 +85,62 @@ third-party libraries--is complete.
Create a <<ip-cq,contribution questionnaire>> to submit a third-party
library for review by the IP Team.
[graphviz, prereq, svg]
.IP Due Diligence for Third Party Content (Prerequisite Dependencies)
digraph {
// Graph properties
graph [ranksep="0.25", nodesep="0.25"]
// Nodes that define the key points in the process
node [shape=box;style=filled;fillcolor=white;fontsize=12]
start [label="Create CQ\nAttach Source Code"]
evaluate [label="License Scan"]
investigate [label="IP Team\nInvestigation"]
parallel_ip [label="Parallel IP\n(check-in)"]
full_review [label="Full Review"]
license_cert [label="License Certified"]
approved [label="Approved"]
rejected [label="Rejected"]
node [shape=diamond;style=filled;fillcolor=white;fontsize=10];
type [label="Type\nA or B?"]
compatible [label="Compatible?"]
eligible [label="Eligible for\nParallel IP?"]
outcome [label="Outcome?"]
{rank=same license_cert, approved, rejected}
{rank=same evaluate, eligible}
{rank=same compatible, parallel_ip, full_review}
edge [fontsize=10];
start -> type
type -> evaluate [xlabel="Type A"]
evaluate -> compatible
compatible -> investigate [label="Maybe", splines=curved]
investigate -> compatible [splines=curved]
compatible -> license_cert [label="Yes"]
compatible-> rejected [label="No"]
type -> eligible [label="Type B"]
eligible -> parallel_ip [label="Yes"]
eligible -> full_review [label="No"]
parallel_ip -> full_review
full_review -> outcome
outcome -> approved [label="Yes"]
outcome -> rejected [label="No"]
=== Ownership
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