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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v1.0.0 Release: openPASS v1.0.0
    - Updated Documentation: The documentation has been revised and updated for clarity and accuracy.
    - Implementation of openScenarioEngine and MantleAPI Dependencies: openScenarioEngine and MantleAPI dependencies have been implemented to enhance functionality.
    - CI Enhancements: Several fixes have been applied to enhance Continuous Integration (CI) processes.
    - Removal of Qt GUI: Dependencies, build instructions, tutorials, user documentation related to the Qt GUI, and the openPASS Jenkins CI have been removed.
    - Third-Party Dependency Handling via Conan: Improved management of third-party dependencies using Conan package manager.
    - CMake Option for Configuration Examples: Added a CMake option to install configuration examples for easier setup.
    - Adaptation to Semantic Versioning: openPASS is now aligned with semantic versioning principles.
    - Removal of Unused Components: Unnecessary components have been removed to streamline the software.
    - Bug Fixes: Numerous bug fixes have been implemented to enhance stability and performance.
    - Introduction of SSP (System Structure & Parameterization): This standard has been implemented for defining complete systems consisting of one or more FMUs including its parameterization.
  • openPASS_0.11 Release: openPASS v0.11
    - improvement of build process
    - documentation updates
    - alignment of configs from Qt based GUI with core
    - bugfixes in PCM simulation GUI plugin
    - bugfixes in core
  • openPASS_0.10 Release: openPASS v0.10
    Release v0.10
    - Allow usage of other FMI based models besides OSMP (e.g. Simulink)
    - Car2X communication
    - Improvement of pyOpenPASS (end-to-end test execution time)
    - Bugfixes
    - Documentation updates
  • openPASS_0.9 Release: openPASS v0.9
    Release v0.9
    - Update to OSI 3.3.1
    - Improvement of documentation (Command Line Arguments, Building FMI)
    - Fixes and improvments to simulation core
    - Bug fixes
    - pyOpenPASS enhancements
  • openPASS_0.8.1 Release: openPASS v0.8.1
    minor fixes for v0.8
  • openPASS_0.8 Release: openPASS v0.8
    Release v0.8
  • openPASS_0.7 Release: openPASS v0.7
    openPASS v0.7:
     - restructured file system
     - more openSCENARION
     - more openDRIVE
     - more spawners
     - publish/subscribe logging
     - csv output
     - new collision
     - new gui
     - clang format
     - cmake (partly)
     - clean up
     - bug-fixes
  • openPASS_0.6 Release: openPASS v0.6
    Official release of v0.6.
  • openPASS_0.5 Release: openPASS v0.5
    openPASS release 0.5 highlights
     - developer installation instruction
     - post-simulation of accidents based on a GIDAS database
     - prototype openSCENARIO input/output of trajectories
     - parallel computing of several scenarios
     - graphical user interface with simulation control, result preview and system editor