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feat(doc): restructure documentation according to requirement refinement meeting

  • Renaming of "Overview" to "Getting Started" in Installation Guide
  • Introduced "Tested with" for all package versions in installation guide
  • Created new chapter "External Dependencies" under "Other information"
  • Moved "Information on Binary Packages" and "Information on Source Packages" to "External Dependencies" under "Other information"
  • Removed previous "Getting Started"
  • Removed meta-level "Simulator Installation Guide"
  • Created section "Developer Information" and moved IDE setup instructions
  • Deleted deprecated qmake build instructions
  • Deleted page on Sphinx and created in documentation directory instead
  • Moved "Documentation Concept" to "Developer Information"
  • Created "GUI Plugins" chapter in "User guide" and included all available descriptions (e.g. from overview, PCM Use case, etc.)
  • Created "Tutorials" page in "User guide"
  • Moved configs and outputs to own chapters right below "User Guides"
  • Restructure Section "User Guides"

Based on !29 (merged) (diff shows more changes as MR is targeting servant branch but based on !29 (merged); therefore !29 (merged) should be merged first)

Closes #59 (closed)

Signed-off-by: Arun Das

Edited by Arun Das

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