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New features and bugfixes and build system improvements

Reinhard Biegel requested to merge intech into servant

News from the intech branch...

This should be the last MR containing so many changes at once.

These are the most important changes:


  • Relocation of /sim/doc to /doc
  • Update, cleanup and restructure of installation steps
  • Fix instructions and setup for documentation build (i.e. WITH_API_DOC)


  • Fixed some problems with loading of large maps
  • SensorGeometric2D (OSI) now uses OSI ids for objects instead of OpenDRIVE ids
  • EventDetectors and Manipulators are now triggered in each timestep
  • Fixes for intersection calculation of geometry objects in corner cases
  • OpenDRIVE repeating objects (distance=0) are now correctly imported (without gaps)
  • Corrected sign of LongitudinalPivotOffset in simulationOutput.xml


  • Cleanup logging/tracing of OSI messages in FmuWrapper
  • Spawners: MinimumSeparationBuffer is now available as a parameter
  • Spawners: Support for spawning on lanes with OpenDRIVE id > 0
  • Unified intersection calculation of Localizer and CollisionDetector
  • pyOpenPASS: Improved robustness regarding column naming
  • pyOpenPASS: Adaption to changes in pandas
  • pyOpenPASS: junit file format update
  • Support for roll angle
  • Improved support for various OSI message fields

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