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Implement features and fix bugs

  • fix deprecation warnings in pyopenpass after updating pytest to 7.4.2 and pandas to 2.1.0
  • Improve documentation of published agent values
  • Add lost VehicleModels oldtimer and lorry configs in VehicleModelsCatalog
  • Add model3d and mass to oldtimer and lorry in VehicleModelsCatalog
  • Rename targets of osi from osi::<> to open_simulation_interface::<>
  • Implement parallel processing for pyOpenPASS
  • Add t_axis_yaw to OSI ReferenceLine in World_OSI
  • Update OSI version to 3.6.0
  • Replace QCommandLineParser with boost::program_options
  • Start to remove other QT libraries from main
  • Replace tmpnam() with mkstemp() for thread safety
  • Remove the patch for building the FMI library
  • Adopt opendrive naming convention in documentation
  • Fix broken handling of MSYS dependency paths
  • Update coding conventions EOL section in documentation

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