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    [TOB-23,26,54,290,350,351,352] feat: v0.8.0 · 0fd71c92
    Tobias Stummer authored
    Commit contains all backend tasks for the eigth sprint.
    The focus of sprint 8 was to:
    - enhance response text configuration with negative responses
    - add interface for dashboard statement requests
    - add archive functionality to persist the statement after process
      is finished
    - add authorization configuration and rules
    - add customerReference and creationDate to statements
    - enhance howToBuild and howToRun documentation
    [TOB-292] doc: howToBuild and howToRun
    * enhanced the howToBuild and howToRun documentation
    * added sections how to build and configure the front end
    * added sections how to configure the back end
    [TOB-381] fix: dasshboard editedByMe
    * fixed logic of the editedByMe boolean of the dashboard statement
      response. Verifies if there's an editLogEntry for the statement
      for the current username.
    [TOB-54] feat: archive finished statements
    * added archive feature. When finishing a statement a folder with a
      configurable name-template is created. Attachments of with no outbox
      tag are stored in a info-data subfolder. Outbox attachments such as
      the statement response and other uploaded attachments are stored in a
      sent-data subfolder. This is either triggered when a statement was
      successfully sent as an email or by manyally triggering the finish
      REST interface.
    [TOB-389] feat: create statement invalid contact
    * added the specific 422 response status code on create and update
      statement interfaces in case the provided contactsId is not valid.
    [TOB-381] feat: dashboard statement interface
    * added dashboard/statement REST interface
    * added editLogs to database on create statement and claim statement
    * added authorization rules for dashboard interface access and mail
    * added unittests for the new dashboard interface and editLogs
    * added additional uinittests for other services
    [TOB-23] feat: negative response textblocks
    * enhance textblock configuration models and parsers with negativeGroups
    * update sample textblock config in database
    * create valid authorization config and rules for negative response
    [TOB-350,351,352] statement reference info
    * enhanced REST interface model statement
    * added creationDate
    * added customerReference
    * added creationDate, customerReference, statementId and currentDate as
      new place holder values for response PDF generation
    * removed duplicate model class StatementModel and replaced it with the
      already existing StatementDetailsModel that had the same fields
    [TOB-290] authorization logic
    * edded authorization configuration file
    * added authorize interface to the StatementAuthorizationService to
      verify actions against the configured rules
    * added simple CSVReader helper to read csv files
    * enhanced statement task list interface response with indicator if task
      could be claimed by current user including check for
      required_department users
    * added some minor comments
    * added testcases for new code
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTobias Stummer <>