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graphics: Hotfix for eGalax Touchscreens

For unsupported screens (which X axis is inverted)

For the record issue was observed with this CVL1010 device:

For the record, I attempted to upstream this change (in libinput and OE), but maintainers were reluctant to merge those quirk fixes that could affect non buggy devices.

Downstream oniro could be a staging place, for this patch.

If this change is causing regressions on other eGalax devices, feel free to revert.

A different matrix is also applied to an other buggy device, (reported by Sudesh).

For more details check related links:

Relate-to: Relate-to: Forwarded: Relate-to: Origin: Relate-to: Thanks-to: Sudhesh Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval

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