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ot-br-posix: Add dep to ipset as used by firewall

ipset is used by firewall module of ot-br-posix:

return ExecuteCommand("%s add %s %s -exist", kIpsetCommand, aSetName, aAddress);

Related observed issue looked like:

oniro@oniro-linux-blueprint-gateway-raspberrypi4-64:~$ sudo journalctl -u otbr-agent.service
Apr 28 17:42:32 oniro-linux-blueprint-gateway-raspberrypi4-64 systemd[1]: Started OpenThread Border Router Agent.
Apr 28 17:42:38 oniro-linux-blueprint-gateway-raspberrypi4-64 otbr-agent[330]: sh: ipset: not found

Relate-to: eclipse/oniro-blueprints/transparent-gateway/meta-oniro-blueprints-gateway#6 Cc: Stefan Schmidt Origin: Forwarded: Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval

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