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ci/Hawkbit: add system type variables to improve data model

Kareem Zarka requested to merge kzarka/oniro:hawkbit-new-image into kirkstone

By default, all targets are compatible to all distribution sets. This means, every valid distribution set, that has the required software modules assigned, can be assigned for installation to all available targets. However, some targets might not support the content of the distribution set, but the assignment of it is possible To avoid such wrong assignments and for the sake of user guidance, it is possible to restrict the general compatibility using target types and define for presumably different types of targets the specific types of distribution sets that they are compatible with. so We want to use the type system (target type, software module type, distribution set type), so that It is easier to browse images available for a given device with the device types that we have.

Signed-off-by: Kareem Zarka

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