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eddie-zephyr: Import eddie-zephyr project into a subdirectory

Francesco Pham requested to merge mrfrank/eddie:main into main

eddie-zephyr implements eddie functionalities for the zephyr OS, the goals are the same of the eddie project, up until now in eddie-zephyr we implemented the resource publishing and discovery.

eddie-zephyr was until now in a separate repository, therefore importing it now into main eddie repository in the eddie-zephyr/ subdirectory. This merge commit has been generated using the git subtree command.

git subtree automatically generated message:
Add 'eddie-zephyr/' from commit 'af538fcb'
git-subtree-dir: eddie-zephyr
git-subtree-mainline: ba6f7670
git-subtree-split: af538fcb

Signed-off-by: Francesco Pham

Edited by Francesco Pham

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