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Draft: tests: Add fixture to have eddie-server running in background

Stefan Schmidt requested to merge stefanschmidt/eddie:ctest-fixtures into main

Some integration tests or even units test with communication part we might need to spin up a server for some particular test case and tear it down again afterwards.

This commits shows an example how to implement this test fixtures in ctest by using the FIXUP_SETUP/_CLEANUP properties on tests. The fixture execution and teardown is handed over to scripts for tracking PID.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Schmidt

NOTE This will need another look at the scripts as something is racy right now. On first execution the tests do not finish and killing make test will result in eddie-server staying around. On the second execution tests finish and I assume they use the already running eddie-server to do so. Not debugged yet, but I wanted to get this out as draft and reference how FIXTURES could be used in our eddie test suite.

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