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upgrade to fossology-python 1.5.0 / fossology 4.1.0

Alberto Pianon requested to merge ap/fossy-upgrade into master

Upgrade fossology-python package in aliens4friends (include it in docker image) and update api calls in the code

List of api calls in the code

method or object changed in latest version
fossology.list_jobs(upload=upload, page_size=2000) yes, but it returns a tuple (list of jobs, number of pages); added all_pages: get all jobs
Job.queueDate, Job.status apparently the same
fossology.rootFolder apparently the same
fossology.create_folder(parent_obj, name) apparently the same
fossology.list_uploads() added a lot of options, probably the one to use is all_pages=True, it returns a tuple (list of uploads, number of pages)
Upload same, just added filesize and filesha1
fossology.detail_folder(upload.folderid) (returns folder obj) same
Folder same
fossology.schedule_jobs(folder, upload, specs, wait=True) same (can scancode be scheduled here?)
fossology.upload_summary(upload) same, added group (optional)
Summary same
fossology.session.get (used to get licenses and raw json summary, not using python wrapper method) same, but json output schema slightly changes (licenses has findings/scanner and findings/conclusion instead of agentFindings and conclusions)
fossology.api same
fossology.generate_report(upload=upload,report_format=ReportFormat.SPDX2TV) (returns rep_id) same, added group (optional)
fossology.download_report(rep_id) same, added group (optional)

In particular: json schema differences for upload licenses and summary

api call 3.9.0 4.1.0-rc1
summary immagine immagine
licenses immagine immagine

Used WebUI Functionalities not exposed in API

functionality changes in 4.1.0 added to API in 4.1.0
reportImport apparently none no
rename upload apparently none no
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