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Draft: Continuous Compliance Pipeline with Gitlab and Docker

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UPDATE 2021-08-02 This branch was squashed and merged to master after cleaning it up!

This is a trial-and-error branch, so please do not consider the code in here... the final solution will be squashed and merged cleanly.

This pipeline consists of the following jobs:

  • Yocto build with bitbake
  • Tinfoilhat gathering of meta information from source packages
  • AlienSrc Creator to create .aliensrc packages which are then fed to the Aliens4Friends toolset
  • Aliens4Friends toolset to create license information and upload that to our Fossology instance

The first MVP will be a hard-coded configuration that takes the latest manifest files from development branch.

Known issues:

  • Yocto builds that go into timeout or are cancelled might leave a broken sstate-cache, which does not allow to use it anymore for subsequent builds
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