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bump revisions to latest main, switch repos to EF, adapt to changes

Francesco Pham requested to merge mrfrank/meta-oniro-blueprints-eddie:devel into main
  • zenoh-c-examples: replace booting repo with repo on EF
  • eddie: replace coap dep with libcoap because coap recipe is replaced
  • eddie: bump rev to latest main, systemd service runs eddie-virt-server
  • zephyr-blueprint-eddie: switch to eddie repo and set zephyr src subdir

At the moment the Eddie systemd service that runs eddie-virt-server fails to connect to a dbus session. The reason may be that the dbus session is only started in the oniro user from login shell. Running eddie-virt-server from terminal works on the oniro user, whereas from root user you need to run export $(dbus-launch) first. I will open a ticket to track this problem and try to solve it in a successive MR.

Signed-off-by: Francesco Pham

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