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add jsoncpp bbappend, bump eddie recipe, add jsoncpp dependency

Francesco Pham requested to merge mrfrank/meta-oniro-blueprints-eddie:wip into main

jsoncpp: add bbappend to have jsoncpp header files in different location

jsoncpp yocto recipe in meta-oe places the header files in /usr/include/json but the libjsoncpp-dev ubuntu package places them in /usr/include/jsoncpp/json.

Here we make a copy to have the headers in both locations to be compatible with both.

eddie: bump revision, add jsoncpp dependency, add datadir to image

  • bump eddie to latest revision
  • add jsoncpp dependency
  • add ${datadir} into image: in ${datadir} we have some json files containing devices and peripherals ontologies

Signed-off-by: Francesco Pham

Signed-off-by: Francesco Pham

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