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Create top-level POM for ICE + BATS refactoring to accomodate

Created by: marshallmcdonnell

Fixes #488

Work includes:

  • Moving the pom.xml to the top-level of the project
  • Removing the package entirely
  • Modifying BATS so you no longer need to have the docker:build if you do mvn clean docker:build verify (now just need mvn clean verify
  • Removed BATS sub-module from the top-level pom.xml default profile
  • Added a full profile to top-level pom.xml that includes building ICE with BATS (requires Docker)

To test:

  1. Ensure can build ICE at the top-level using mvn clean verify and/or mvn clean install
  2. When doing this, ensure BATS is NOT built
  3. Now, with Docker installed, go to module and run mvn clean verify. Should see that a Fuseki docker image is built in the pre-integration-test phase and the integration tests run.
  4. Go back to the top-level of ICE and now run the full profile so we including building BATS. Run mvn clean verify -P full and/or mvn clean install -P full. Ensure BATS is built.

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